Rozwiązywanie problemów - etap I

Hi everyone,

first of all I want to thank  you all for your attendance, it was so nice to meet you all!

Now, the clue, as I promised 🙂

  1. e-Twinning - Maria is still waiting for you to get you into the project. So please register yourself if you are not there, if you are, send to Maria your name so that she can find you and invite you to her contacts. Then accept her invitation, and after a while accept it again, this time to the project.
  2. Facebook  - Ionela, please create it and invite us asap.
  3. Elena - what are the news about our webpage? are you working on it?
  4. Logo - we are waiting for the Italian and Hungarian ones - as soon as you send it/them to me, I will send all of them to all of you so that we can decide on which should be THE ONE.
  5. the Turkish issue:
  • e-book - Maria agreed to take it over - thanks so much 🙂
  • three options to deal with Turkish LTTA:
    a) we are doing it online - problems: how to make it technically working to gather 50 students and 8 teachers for 3 days for the lectures and workshops?
    b) we are not doing this LTTA at all - students and teachers that were supposed to go there, go to other countries, so the travelling groups are bigger, BUT we still have to do the activities that had been suggested to Turkey (lectures and workshops). If you look into the agenda of each LLTA, there is a lot of things to do. How can we pack even more? It will be a very hard week each tome instead of having fun a bit
    c) another partner will take over the Turkish LTTA, it means that the country will be hosting twice. of course this country will send more students each time. The question is - who is going to do that? It could be Poland, but if you look into the project, there is a particular order: Poland - Turkey - Itali - Romania- Hungary. So if I were  to host twice it would be: Poland - Poland - Italy - Romania - Hungary and the chance to reorder the meetings is slight.

I think it is all we could discuss?

Ecaterina, you had some questions (in French) about the budget, well each partner has a separate one, so I can't be sure of yours. Please analise it with your NA.

Write back referring to any of the points above,

Take care,


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